Now this is a Maiden Speech: Senator Malarndirri McCarthy (ALP, Northern Territory)

Senator McCarthy’s speech brings together the stories of Indigenous Australia – the Senator is Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Mara and Kudanji – and settler Australia – her McCarthy ancestors came from Ireland in 1842. A great read and a great listen (30 minutes). ‘My kujika [songline] has allowed me to see both worlds—that of the Western world view and that of the Yanyuwa/Garrawa world view. I am at home in both. I am neither one, without the other.’

The speech should be better known. Comment from The Feed‘s Alex McKinnon on this speech and other maiden speeches that should be celebrated. Lenore Taylor in Guardian Australia looks at lots of maiden efforts. Indigenous MPs to work together.

16 September 2016

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