Woods, Martin: Where are Our Boys? How Newsmaps Won the Great War

Woods, Martin

Where are Our Boys? How Newsmaps Won the Great War, National Library of Australia Publishing, Canberra, 2016

A selection of maps from the National Library’s collection along with detailed explanatory text.

The war produced more maps than any time before in history, giving us along the way some of the most beautiful, and sometimes misleading, maps ever published. ‘Where Are Our Boys?’ tells the story of how the war was fought and won from the opening salvos in 1914 to Gallipoli and victory on the Western Front. In the end, though, these maps were needed most to help understand the conflict and to comprehend the great human costs. (blurb)

Peter Stanley reviews the book for Honest History. Martin Woods writes about the book and talks to Trevor Chappell on the ABC about it. Another review in The Senior and one in The Resident Judge of Port Phillip blog.

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