Honest History’s history

Honest History’s President, Peter Stanley, writes in History Australia about the early history of Honest History 297 Stanley HA HH.

The idea for Honest History began in 2012 when a small group met in Canberra to consider a submission which would have led to a television program questioning the role of the Anzac tradition in our history. The submission was unsuccessful but some members of the group looked for other opportunities. The impending centenary of World War I, particularly the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli, was an obvious trigger.

In 2012 also some members of the group were campaigning against the building in Canberra of new memorials to the dead of the two world wars, memorials which would have detracted from the Australian War Memorial. (That battle seems to have been won.)

We got under way properly only in March 2013 and we have been bolstered by support from hundreds of historians and citizens. We continue to raise our profile through the website and outreach activities.

26 June 2013 updated

The Honest History association cancelled its incorporation in February 2019. The Honest History website continued under Dr David Stephens as Editor.