Navigating this site/Finding resources here

You can always find your way around this site using the Menu at the top of the page, under the main header. Our Themes menu leads to articles and opinion posts collected under thematic sub-menus. (You will find items written by our own contributors as well as by hundreds of other authors.) Our Resources menu is another way in to Reviews and Features by our contributors.

Items are initially presented as excerpts, most recently loaded nearest top of list. The first item will normally be an introduction to the category of content. Click on any item to read the full text. Items may be listed under as many menu categories as are relevant.

There is a Browse sidebar which gives another way in to the sub-menus under Themes and Resources, as well as linking to other sections of the site.

The full text of each article or post is also tagged, at the end, with links to listings of All related items in any relevant sub-menus. The Tag links provide more extensive listings than the Menus. They include not only feature posts and articles, but also all related documents and source references.

Under Themes also can be found introductory essays, each headed ‘About…’, which draw attention to the themes covered and provide links to particular items. Some users may prefer to use these introductions to find their way into the items under the sub-menus; other users will just plunge in via the clickable All related items feature.

The introductory essays do not link to every item so a thorough search will involve scrolling through All related items. We will update the introductory essays from time to time; date of the most recent update is at the end of the essay (if there is no update, assume the date is November 2013. We are getting there!)

All list pages, and the Home and About us pages, show a Search box that will list every item on the site that contains the words typed into the Search box.

Under the Resources menu, you can also find a complete listing of hundreds of References on the site, listed A-Z by author name. This will assist users looking for an item or items by a particular author – by contrast with the Search function which throws up all references to that person – but for most purposes the All related items and Search functions will suffice. (References A-Z does not include items where there is no author byline at the head of the article. These items are mostly tagged Centenary Watch, In the Media, News or Whizzbangs.)

The Recommended links section also has links to external web resources complementary to Honest History.

Honest History’s interactive discussion options may be found under the Discuss menu heading; you are welcome to log in and make your own contributions and suggestions.

27 September 2013 updated