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The ‘sacred’ War Memorial that is destroying itself. And now the costs are blowing out – total $548m so far but probably more to come!

Heritage Guardians: a campaign against the $548m extensions to the Australian War Memorial; War Memorial responses on Frontier Wars; Minister watching closely what is now a $548m project – at least; analysis of the secret $50m boost under Morrison

Frontier Wars retreat at the War Memorial

Another skirmish of attrition in Senate Estimates but slides over Frontier Wars; Latest media appearance from Kim Beazley is moving in the right direction, but are other Memorial folks in step? War Memorial Council Chair Kim Beazley’s recent interviews parsed; More lunge-parry-thrust at Senate Estimates, including on Frontier Wars; War Memorial is again running away from the Frontier Wars; Estimates Committee transcript shows the extent of the Memorial’s backsliding as former Chair Nelson flies out to London; Henry Reynolds and Rachel Perkins at the National Press Club; War Memorial misses opportunity to clarify confusion about Frontier Wars; Media reports 9-18 November; Media roundup on Frontier Wars at the Australian War Memorial: RSL grumbles, united front crumbles; Encouraging noises from the War Memorial about future recognition and commemoration of the Frontier Wars – but is the Memorial backsliding under conservative pressure?

Cultural policy: why do some institutions do well while others rot?

National Cultural Policy announced, with emphasis on First Nations – but War Memorial does not move to a cultural portfolio

Frank Bongiorno and Michelle Arrow on the crisis in Australian spending on cultural institutions

And there’s this

Review (two parts) of Brendan Nelson’s autobiography, Of Life and Of Leadership

Latest on gunrunners’ donations to the War Memorial: only small change involved but how much return do they get?

‘Change the date’ annual discussion around 26 January conceals many related but more important issues

Funny figuring in financing the Memorial’s big build: $5om extra bounces around the Budgets

Looking back

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