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The ‘sacred’ War Memorial that is destroying itself and whose governing Council is now (until 30 November) headed by a senior executive of Boeing, the world’s No. 3 arms manufacturer! And now the costs are blowing out – $50m so far but probably more to come!

Heritage Guardians: a campaign against the $548m extensions to the Australian War Memorial; War Memorial responses on Frontier Wars; Minister watching closely what is now a $550m project – at least; analysis of the secret $50m boost under Morrison

The War Memorial splurge in graphic terms: see below


Perverse priorities in Australian spending on cultural institutions (ABC)

An agenda for Albanese: areas where government should take action, particularly these: Frontier Wars should be commemorated at the War Memorial; historians should be on War Memorial Council; rein in spending on War Memorial extensions project

War Memorial misses opportunity to clarify confusion about Frontier Wars

Media roundup on Frontier Wars at the Australian War Memorial: RSL grumbles, united front crumbles

Encouraging noises from the War Memorial about future recognition and commemoration of the Frontier Wars – but is the Memorial backsliding under conservative pressure?

Funny figuring in financing the Memorial’s big build: $5om extra bounces around the Budgets

Michael Piggott reviews David Lee’s biography of John Curtin

Frank Bongiorno and Michelle Arrow on the crisis in Australian spending on cultural institutions (see graph above for one aspect)

Looking back

Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been