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The bulldozers move in to destroy Anzac Hall, as the War Memorial’s unnecessary mega-build gets under way. (Pic: AFR/Alex Ellinghausen)


John Menadue and others on the militarisation of Australia

Derek Abbott reviews Sheila Fitzpatrick’s White Russians, Red Peril: a Cold War History of Migration to Australia

David Stephens reviews Douglas Newton’s Private Ryan and the Lost Peace, about the attempts to stop the Great War in mid slaughter

Ben Roberts-Smith (innocent until found guilty), Kerry Stokes, Paul Brereton, Brendan Nelson, Matt Anderson, the War Memorial: keeping up with the latest

A build for the times – or an extravagant folly?

Heritage Guardians: a campaign against the proposed $498m extensions to the Australian War Memorial

Nothing more or less than a rort: the War Memorial’s application and the National Capital Authority’s consultation on the ‘early works’ for the Memorial project. But only 13 per cent of Australians in a national poll believed the money should be spent on the Memorial rather than on health, education, and services to veterans.

Arms and the War Memorial: let’s spend on health, not arms and submarines

Michelle Fahy on how easily Australia sells arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE, in defiance of our international commitments. Australia, US F35 fighter jet deal: Budget issues, faulty jets, delaysDoes defence spending lead to wars – and does it make any sense against pandemics?; Sue Wareham on prioritising health spending rather than arms spending

Looking back

Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been