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Frontier Wars retreat at the War Memorial

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Voice, Treaty, Truth: an Action Plan for Frontier Wars recognition and commemoration: first article (31 March); second article (3 April); media release (5 April) – these link to later material and to our posts on six months of uncertainty about what we can expect from the Memorial. But there is movement at the Memorial, even if uncertainty remains. Memorial has been slack about answering Estimates questions on Frontier Wars. And Canberra Times survey published 15 April has more than two-thirds supporting inclusion of a Frontier Wars section in the Memorial. Memorial’s credibility gap persists. Submission to Joint Select Committee. More from Chair Beazley but along the same lines as he has used previously. Three historians on Frontier Wars at the War Memorial. The Frontier Wars and Anzac Day. Unhelpful answer from the Memorial to question on notice – two lousy extra square metres! David Stephens on 3CR Community Radio Melbourne: Defending Country as the common thread.

The Big Build at the War Memorial: total $548m so far but probably more to come!

Heritage Guardians: the story of a campaign against the $548m extensions to the Australian War Memorial

And there’s this

AUKUS is not just about submarines; it fundamentally threatens Australian independence (pic credit)

Looking back

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