Ivin, Glendyn (dir.): Gallipoli

Ivin, Glendyn (director)

Gallipoli, Endemol Australia, 2015

Directed by Glendyn Ivin, based on Les Carlyon’s Gallipoli, in seven episodes. Reviewed for Honest History by Professor Peter Stanley, Honest History President, and military-social historian from the University of New South Wales, Canberra, who has written a number of books referring to Gallipoli, including Quinn’s Post and Lost Boys of Anzac.

Peter Stanley’s review of episode 1 is here and it links to reviews of all later episodes. Other reviews have been done by Craig Mathieson in Fairfax and again. The series is not a ratings winner, suffering particularly from an excess of advertising, though some viewers comment that the subject matter has been done to death. HistoryPunk analyses blog comments. World Socialist Web Site weighs in. Schools’ study guide.

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One comment on “Ivin, Glendyn (dir.): Gallipoli
  1. Davidw says:

    Great to read Peter’s reviews of the series. I picked up many of the myths and/or inaccuracies he discusses and I would not like to have the job of being the military adviser to the series and have accuracy sacrificed for Hollywood effect. I did note the men’s uniforms and weapons were quite correct – SMLE No1 Mk3 rifles with the correct hooked quillon bayonet HOO-BLOODY-RAYY – at last!!!

    I watched almost all of Ep1, part of Ep2 and none of Ep3. I am one of the failing audience – you want to know why? I am Fed Up To The Back Teeth of all the ads, sometimes occurring every three minutes. It’s a complete tragedy that interferes with the story line. Someone please tell Channel 9 that their aggressive commercialism is a complete Fail, pure and simple. I will not be watching any more episodes, as it just served to remind me why I avoid Channels 7, 9 and 10 like the plague. I might buy the series on disc when it comes out and perhaps watch it ad-free.

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