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This section covers education, science, medicine, research, communications and related topics. Here there are references on the early history of Australian education (Austin, Austin & Selleck) and on recent developments in educational quality (Ainley & Gebhardt) and education generally (Campbell & Proctor) along with a set of articles on the connection between social policy and access to education (Gale & Tranter, Smyth, te Riele, Wheelahan).

Raimond Gaita’s article on why to study the humanities also ranges widely across other choices. Pamela Burton looks at the uplifting contributions of independent scholars. Anna Goldsworthy describes the work of Ghil’ad Zuckermann in preserving Indigenous languages. Bertrand Russell encourages Western Australians in 1950 to continue to improve.

There are items on broadcasting (Given, Inglis, Inglis, Kenyon), the power of the media (Manne), architecture (Crowther & Osborne, Tan) the internet (Brockman) and the impact of the internet on other media (Turnbull). The University of Adelaide’s e-books collection is a live example.


Sydney upholsterer, Frank Marik, formerly of Czechoslovakia, has invented a 100 000-combination lock and key, 1962: Immigration Photographic Archive* (source: National Archives of Australia A12111, 7450425)

Moving to medicine and science, there is an item on the history of the Australian Medical Association, as well as two comprehensive research portals (RACP and University of Wollongong), while Ann Moyal considers the history of science and the humanities and three portals provide a wealth of material on science (science biographies, csiropedia and Australia’s science and technology). Other sources cover the history of architecture, industrial standards, engineering and Australian inventions and inventions again. John Brumby looks at how improving federalism can improve the delivery of services. Chief Scientist Ian Chubb considers the future of science in Australia. Each of these streams of endeavour – and all of the strands under this heading – in their own way have an influence on our history and our lives.

Updated 10 March 2015

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