Gale, Trevor & Deborah Tranter: Social justice in higher education

Gale, Trevor & Deborah Tranter

Social justice in Australian higher education policy: an historical and conceptual account of student participation‘, Critical Studies in Education, 52, 1, 2011, pp, 29-46

This article provides a synoptic account of historically changing conceptions and practices of social justice in Australian higher education policy. It maps the changes in this policy arena, beginning with the period following the Second World War and concluding with an analysis of the most recent policy proposals of the Bradley Review. Concurrently, it explores the different meanings ascribed to social justice, equity and social inclusion over this time span and what these have meant and will mean for students, particularly those from low socio-economic backgrounds. It concludes that a relational understanding of social justice – “recognitive justice” – is yet to inform student equity policy in higher education, although this is now what is required in the context of the planned shift from mass to universal participation. (abstract)

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