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We are adding this to the Recommended links section of the site but just wanted to give it a plug along the way. The site is an alphabetical list of e-Books available all over the Net. From a quick glance we found Aristotle, Daisy Bates, the Venerable Bede, Jeremy Bentham, Edmund Burke, Cicero, Captain Cook, Darwin, Dickens, Havelock Ellis, and that was only a quick pick from A-E.

They are apparently out-of-copyright books, so don’t expect to find Picketty or Margaret Macmillan but there is still a massive collection. Thanks to our indefatigable researcher, Gerry Schulz, for finding this one.

There is also, of course, Project Gutenberg, with another big list, including Project Gutenberg Australia, with a good collection of public domain books published here, generally by authors who died pre-1955.

15 June 2014

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