Verghis, Sharon: Tom Roberts at the National Gallery

Verghis, Sharon

Tom Roberts masterpieces on show at the National Gallery, Canberra‘, The Australian, 21 November 2015

Detailed background article on the exhibition which opens at the NGA on 4 December, gathering works from many state galleries.

On show will be works ranging from the big, muscular national narratives the artist is most famous for (Shearing the Rams, A Break Away!, Bailed Up, The Golden Fleece), delicate society portraits (Madame Pfund, Mrs LA Abrahams), and musical-themed symbolist paintings (Adagio), to lively studies of indigenous Australians (Aboriginal Head, Charlie Turner; Young Lubra, Cape York), depictions of serene working spaces (The Sculptor’s Studio, The Artists’ Camp), busy streetscapes (Allegro Con Brio, Bourke Street West) and jewelbox coastal landscapes (Slumbering Sea, Mentone; Holiday Sketch at Coogee).

Sasha Grishin notes the rearrangements at the NGA and reviews the Roberts exhibition.


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