Grishin, Sasha: Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia

Grishin, Sasha

Art review: Tom Roberts at the National Gallery of Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 December 2015

Reviews the recently opened exhibition, which is open until March 2016.

The chief aim of this exhibition is to take a fresh look at Roberts and to reintroduce him to new generations of Australians, especially those brought up long after reproductions of Shearing the rams, A break away! and Bailed up have faded from schoolroom walls … Roberts was well trained and consistent and was pretty good at everything to which he turned his hand – landscapes, portraiture, rural mythologies and even the spot of printmaking and sculpture.

Another review from The Australian (Sharon Verghis). The NGA’s page on the exhibition. Hannah Gadsby has a personal take on ABC television of our art history, seeing some of it as a story of ‘pioneer blokes in hats’.


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