The Honest History Book is on this non-fiction list – and well covered

Lisa Hill at popular blog ANZ LitLovers has done a list of books for non-fiction November. The Honest History Book is on Lisa’s list of 13 non-fiction books of 2017. (Lisa reviewed the book recently.)

Also on the LitLovers list are Those Wild Rabbits, by Bruce Munday (reviewed for Honest History by John Myrtle), The Catch, by Honest History distinguished supporter, Anna Clark (extract here), The Art of Time Travel, by Honest History distinguished supporter and Canberra launcher of The Honest History Book, Tom Griffiths (reviewed for Honest History by Diane Bell), Into the Heart of Tasmania, by Rebe Taylor (reviewed for Honest History by Tjanara Goreng Goreng), and an essay ‘In the dark’ by Tory Shepherd from Griffith Review 55: State of Hope (about South Australia, this issue was reviewed for Honest History by Marian Quartly).

Lisa also likes book covers and the cover of The Honest History Book was one of six that took her fancy. We like it, as well, and a lot of effort went into it. Thanks to NewSouth editor, Emma Driver, and cover designer, Blue Cork.

David Stephens

8 November 2017

Honest History FINAL front