Clark, Anna: Plenty of fish in the sea? Not necessarily, as history shows

Anna Clark

Plenty of fish in the sea? Not necessarily, as history shows‘, The Conversation, 3 October 2017

A look at the history of fishing in Australia, from pre-1788 and going back thousands of years, to now, with draft plans to change the boundaries of marine parks.

Fisheries management have responded to declining stocks by introducing wide-ranging legislation across the recreational and commercial sectors. But they’re in an unenviable position, essentially forced to make laws in response to fishing practices sometimes over a century old (such as the excessive by-catch of trawlers), while simultaneously “balancing” the contemporary demands of conservationists, recreational and commercial fishers.

Anna Clark is among Honest History’s distinguished supporters. She recently reviewed The Honest History Book. She has just published a book, The Catch: The Story of Fishing in Australia (NLA Publishing), reviewed here by Lisa Hill.

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