Sydney Great War exhibition looks at both sides

State Records of New South Wales has announced a number of initiatives which promise to give a reasonably balanced view of the state during the years 1914-18. The New South Wales Anzac Centenary website is in three parts:

  • In Service – enlistment and the response of the Government and people of NSW
  • On the Home Front –  what day-to-day life was like for people in Sydney and NSW during the war years
  • In Remembrance – how the war was commemorated across NSW, in particular through war memorials.

On the Home Front seems particularly interesting, with sections on wartime publications, baby health clinics, Sydney 1914, Daceyville garden suburb, and a census of horses, with more to come on panoramic Sydney, enemy aliens and soldier settlement. There are various aids to research and content will be added regularly.

On the ground, at the Western Sydney Records Centre in Kingswood, there is an initial exhibition, A Call to Arms, which runs for a year and takes events through to 1916. ABC News reported the exhibition.

14 September 2014

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