Bridge, Carl et al, ed.: Australian High Commissioners, London

Bridge, Carl, Frank Bongiorno & David Lee, ed.

The High Commissioners: Australia’s Representatives in the United Kingdom, 1910-2010, Australia. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra, 2010

Full text (340 pages) of collection of articles on the London connection, brought out to mark the centenary of the post in London, the nature of which has changed over the years but which certainly deserves writing up. The writing up is done, in a combination of thematic and chronological articles, by the editors, Neville Meaney, JR Nethercote, James Curran, Stuart Ward and others. There are comprehensive notes, including to archival material, a solid bibliography, plenty of interesting photographs and, one suspects, a deal of gossip lurking beneath the diplomacy and politics. The book was launched by the then Foreign Minister and reviewed by WD McIntyre.

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