Raymond, Greg: dangerous rhetoric on South China Sea

Greg Raymond

Rhetoric on South China Sea sets dangerous tone‘, New Mandala, 16 October 2015 (updated)

The author warns about over-hyping Chinese activities in the South China Sea and about downplaying what can be done by regional bodies, such as ASEAN, to deal with tensions, indeed that these bodies ‘can be bypassed with impunity if the US and Australia so deem’. The author looks at possibilities for regional action. A shorter version of the article appeared in Fairfax media.

Earlier in the week, Australian and US officials met in Boston: the State Department transcript of the media conference with Ministers Bishop and Payne and their American counterparts reveals similar remarks from the two sides about the importance of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. Minister Bishop returned to the theme in media appearances on return: for example. Nick O’Malley in Fairfax parses her remarks in Boston, notably her welcoming the Chinese denial of any attempt to ‘militarise’ the disputed islands, though there is doubt about the definition of that word. Further analysis (19 October) from Euan Graham of Lowy.

Honest History’s collection from earlier this year of resources on the South China Sea and related matters, with links. And more recent material.

Analysis of Prime Minister Turnbull on Australia-China relations.

An Honest History interview from 2013 with Professor Hugh White where he talks about the implications for Australia of conflict in the South China Sea.

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