Stephens, David: Hugh White on Australians and war

Stephens, David

‘Hugh White on Australians and war’, Honest History, 5 February 2014, updated

Hugh White is Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University and a former senior public servant in the Department of Defence. Here he considers the key drivers of Australians’ attitude to war, including the centrality of Anzac, and speculates about how these attitudes may affect how we deal with a possible future war in the East China Sea. The piece melds extracts from a 2005 article, a 2013 article and a recent interview with Professor White.

188 Hugh White on Australians and war

Ivor Roberts addresses similar issues. Prime Minister Abbott’s remarks about why Australians fight may be compared with those of Professor White. An alternative view, linking the remembrance of Kokoda with future military involvement, is Tom O’Lincoln’s. A further related article is by Nick Bisley. A comment on the article comes from Michael Keating. In similar vein to White is Martin Flanagan. See also Robert Manne interviewing Malcolm Fraser. And remarks by Michael Fullilove on Australia-China relations. Amy King on China and Japan. More by White dated June 2014. Discussion of the implications of Australia-Japan relations; and again. Public opinion against acceding to US request to join fight against Chinese if issue arose in East China Sea.

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