Beams, Nick: PM Turnbull and China

Beams, Nick

Foreign policy dilemmas confront new Australian PM over China‘, World Socialist Web Site, 18 September 2015

Long article dissecting the new prime minister’s attitudes to China taking note of some key speeches. A useful addition to whatever analysis the mainstream media ventures in this field.

Historical issues are, of course, [says Beams, noting Turnbull’s praise for China’s efforts during World War II] never simply about history, but always indicate an orientation to contemporary political events. So it is in this case. Turnbull’s approach is a far cry from the rhetoric of the US political, military and intelligence establishment, echoed in sections of their Australian counterparts, which insists that China’s activities in the South China Sea constitute a threat to “freedom of navigation” as Beijing attempts to assert its regional power.

According to a report in the Australian Financial Review yesterday, Turnbull’s remarks are being cited in Beijing as providing the basis for “improved relations between Australia and its biggest trading partner.”

The article refers to a speech Turnbull gave in August to the Australia-China Business Forum and an earlier one in January to the US-Australia Dialogue.

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