Ozakinci, Cengiz: how Ataturk did not meet Birdwood in 1918

Ozakinci, Cengiz

One hundred years of error: Ataturk, Birdwood, Harington and Canakkale 1915‘, Butun Dunya (Ankara), September 2015 (translated into English)

In this article, Ozakinci busts the myth that Ataturk and British General Birdwood met in Istanbul in October 1918 and discussed how the exhaustion and lack of water of the British troops, rather than the actions of the Ottoman troops led by Ataturk, had led to the British setbacks on 25 April 1915. Ozakinci presents evidence that Birdwood was not even in Istanbul in October 1918. He also refutes the suggestion that it may have been British General Tim Harington who had the meeting with Ataturk.

The article is one of a number by Ozakinci bearing on the role of Ataturk. Others can be found from the links under the Ataturk heading on the front page of our website. There is more to come, particularly relevant to the events of 1934 surrounding the Duchess of Richmond pilgrimage to the Dardanelles. The original Turkish version of the latest article is on the Butun Dunya website.


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