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Newsletter No. 2, 21 June 2013

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We hadn’t planned another newsletter until late July but this deserves a special edition: ABC TV Sunday night, 23 June, 9.25 pm EST, The Years That Made Us, the first part of a three part documentary presented by Chris Masters and worked on by, among others, Honest History supporter, Clare Wright. From the pre-publicity:

In Australian mythology nationhood was forged in the slaughter of Gallipoli in 1915. But in THE YEARS THAT MADE US, Chris Masters introduces a very different proposition. Far from bringing the nation together, the First World War tore the country apart and threatened to destroy the Federation Dream. The Great Depression wrecked a struggling recovery and just when light appeared on the horizon the gates of hell reopened with the Second World War.

There is much more to Australian history than the Anzac tradition; there is much more to our war history than nostalgia and tales of heroism.

(Honest History, e-newsletter No. 1, 23 May 2013)

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