McMullin, Ross: Pompey Elliott at War: In His Own Words

Ross McMullin

Pompey Elliott at War: In His Own Words, Scribe, Melbourne, 2017; e-book available

The wartime letters and diaries of Pompey Elliott, Australia’s most famous fighting general, are exceptionally forthright. They are also remarkably illuminating about his volatile emotions … Pompey was prominent in iconic battles and numerous controversies. He was wounded at the Gallipoli landing, and four of his men were awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery at Lone Pine. No one was more instrumental than Pompey in turning looming defeat into stunning victory at both Polygon Wood and Villers-Bretonneux. No Australian general was more revered by those he led or more famous outside his own command. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Michael Piggott. It follows McMullin’s highly regarded biography, Pompey Elliott (2002). Elliott (1878-1931) had a troubled life after his distinguished war service. He served in the Australian Senate, fretted over what he regarded as slights from the military hierarchy, worked for the welfare of his former soldiers, and died by his own hand.

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