Manne, Robert, Robin Prior & Carolyn Holbrook: What really happened at Gallipoli?

Manne, Robert, Robin Prior & Carolyn Holbrook

‘What really happened at Gallipoli?’ La Trobe University Ideas and Society, Melbourne, 23 April 2015

A conversation before an audience regarding, first, events at Gallipoli up until December 1915 (Manne and Prior) then, secondly, the development of the Anzac legend in the subsequent century (Manne and Holbrook). There are various formats, audio and video, plus a transcript. Among the ideas that are canvassed are that the Turks possibly let the allied forces leave in December (rather than there being an evacuation which took them by surprise) and that prime minister Hawkw, rather than Howard, was the first mover in the modern promotion of Anzac. There is plenty more interesting material, also.

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