Djubal, Clay et al, ed.: World War I in Australian literary culture

Djubal, Clay, Catriona Mills, Robert Thomson & Kerry Kilner, ed.

World War I in Australian literary culture: from the first shot to the centenary‘, AustLit

This is a major research project on the way World War I has featured in literature, film and other forms of story-telling. It commenced in 2012. You need to subscribe but it looks well worth it.

A rich collection of more than 5,000 AustLit records for works has been created or updated during the course of the project. In addition, hundreds of authors have also been identified. Each of these records have been tagged with a World War I identifier to enable targeted searching for the people, organisations, and works influenced by or dealing with the war. (blurb)

The links from the home page include Anzac Field Theatres, Children’s Literature, Conscription, Dissenting Voices, Films, Indigenous Diggers, Recruiting and Enlistment, Soldier and Nurse, The Anzac Book, and Women Writing Women’s Roles, plus information about libraries and methodology. Unlike Honest History, AustLit does not evaluate sources, just identifies that they have been published, but great resource nevertheless.


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