Kalagian Blunt, Ashley: My Name is Revenge

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

My Name is Revenge, Spineless Wonders Publishing, Melbourne, 2018; electronic version available

My Name is Revenge is in two parts. There is a novella, and an essay reflecting on the historic events that inspired that novella, and meditating also on how history can inform fiction. In the essay the writer says she hopes everything she writes will ‘arouse curiosity’. Both the novella and the essay do just that, and also much, much more. Both pieces are informed by a passion to express the haunting of almost unimaginable historical crimes, and the tragic shapes that vengeance for those crimes can take. (blurb)

The work is reviewed for Honest History by Peter Stanley. Author’s website and links to reviews. An article by the author. Review in Armenian Weekly. The Honest History website has many resources relevant to the Armenian Genocide, around which this work revolves. Use our Search engine.

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