Kalagian Blunt, Ashley: life after genocide

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Life after genocide: legacies of a shattered culture‘, Griffith Review, July 2015

A Canadian-Armenian now living in Australia examines her heritage and touches on Australian connections as well. She notes how the Armenian genocide provided lessons for Hitler, examines how it happened and how Turks have dealt with it, how Australians helped Armenians during the Great War and how Armenians came to Australia.

Just as Canadian Armenians succeeded in convincing their government of the importance of standing up to genocide denial, Australian Armenians work toward having the genocide federally recognised. The political relationship with Turkey makes it more challenging, but now that the Anzac centenary has passed, Australian Armenians have hope that their government will find the moral courage to call out and counteract racist intent.

Other material on the Armenian genocide is here.


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