Honest History’s Alternative Guide to the Australian War Memorial (and other recent posts)

On Anzac Day, Honest History posted our Alternative Guide to the Australian War Memorial. Six weeks later the Guide has been downloaded 1268 times and we suspect a good number of those downloads have been copied multiple times. We are pleased at this response.

We have written to the Australian War Memorial Council, offering to give a presentation to the Council on the Alternative Guide but the Council has declined our offer. As a companion to the Guide we have now published an analysis of the composition of the Council.

Both articles complement our earlier material on how the Memorial commemorates Australia’s wars. This material can be found on our site using the Search function under ‘Memorial’. It includes reviews of the Memorial’s galleries, exhibitions, publications and programs for children, as well as an analysis of 20 years of visitor numbers to the Memorial and a discussion of what we believe is the Memorial’s misleading presentation of its website statistics.

Besides producing the above material, Honest History has been very active across the range of our interests. There are now more than 2000 posts and pages on our website and most of these items contain links to other resources. As both an advocate for contestability in history and an information broker we think we are unique but we would be glad to be put in touch with other groups tilling these fields.

For readers who may have missed our recent output, please go to our thumbnails:

  • under ‘Centenary Watch‘ there is an archive of commentary on the Anzac centenary going back to January 2014;
  • under ‘Inequality in Australia‘ we track evidence of the growing gap between Australia’s egalitarian myth and today’s realities;
  • under ‘Top recent posts‘ there are links to more than 20 items posted in the last month on subjects from El Nino to election campaigning and Herodotus to AFL team songs; and
  • under ‘Our First Peoples‘ we link to resources on Indigenous culture and cultivation, reconciliation and massacres.

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7 June 2016 updated