Jennings, Garry: How Australians die: cause #1 – heart diseases and stroke

Jennings, Garry

How Australians die: cause #1 – heart diseases and stroke‘, The Conversation, 6 June 2016

First of five articles (they will link from this one) on the leading causes of death in Australia and on how death rates from these causes can be reduced. Graphs take causes of death back ten and fifteen years and there are international comparisons. There is an inequality angle also:

Today (and for the foreseeable future) global rates of heart disease are driven by development, inequality and prosperity. The rate of heart disease deaths was almost double for Australians in the lowest socioeconomic group compared to the highest socioeconomic group, and 20% more for those living in remote to very remote regions compared to those in major cities. They were 40% higher for Indigenous Australians compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts.

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