Gideon Haigh is distinguished supporter of Honest History

Australian author and commentator, Gideon Haigh, has agreed to become a distinguished supporter of Honest History. Gideon has written more than 30 books, on subjects ranging from cricket to the car industry and from digital media to working in offices. He has edited another seven books and contributed to many more. He writes for The Australian and The Times and regularly appears on the ABC’s Offsiders program.

Gideon’s most recent book is Certain Admissions: A Beach, a Body and a Lifetime of Secrets, published this year by Penguin. Among other attributes, the book is ‘a meditation … on how the past shapes the present, and the present the past’, which puts it right into Honest History’s area of interest. The book was reviewed in Fairfax and The Australian. (And by Honest History.)

Honest History appreciates the support of Gideon Haigh and of all of our distinguished supporters. Each of our distinguished supporters has agreed to be listed in this capacity. We thank them all.

8 October 2015 updated