The Dunera Boys 75 years on: Dunera News No. 95

Dunera News, No. 95, October 2015

This long-standing publication tracks the progress of a group of men and boys of even longer standing, those who came to Australia in 1940 on the vessel HMT Dunera. They had been rounded up in Britain after the fall of France because they came under suspicion for their German or Austrian origin. Over 2000 of them came to Australia and were interned at Hay and Tatura. Many, however, later served with Allied forces and their families remained and prospered in Australia.

No. 95 of Dunera News describes reunions at Hay and in Sydney, includes articles on particular Dunera Boys, many photographs and a piece on an exhibition now on at the Jewish Museum in Sydney. There is also a booking form for a reunion lunch in Melbourne on 10 November. Those present at the Hay reunion included two original Dunera Boys.

Google Search throws up many references to the Dunera Boys, including a television series in 1985 and an article from 2010 by Ken Inglis. Professor Inglis continues to work on this part of our Australian history.


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