Daley, Paul: Dismissal bastardry 40 years on

Daley, Paul

Gough Whitlam: 40 years on, the Dismissal’s bastardry still intrigues‘, Guardian Australia, 31 October 2015

Grows out of the author’s involvement in the ‘Live Tweeting the Dismissal‘ exercise run by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. He makes the interesting point that things would have gone rather differently if mobile phones and Twitter had been around 40 years ago. There were 400 comments on this article, showing how provocative these events are still.

Honest History did a collection of resources on Gough Whitlam after his death last year. Also search our site under ‘Whitlam’. John Menadue has a personal recollection. John Menadue and Paul Daley are among Honest History’s distinguished supporters.

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