Another sniff at Rose of No Man’s Land

For those who want to splash out: 100 ml of Rose of No Man’s Land will cost you a smidgen over $A300 ($US200) and 50 ml will cost you around $A200 ($US145). For our earlier kicking up a stink on this follow the trail to here. Then read on as we follow a new scent …

We did not know until very recently that there were blogs about perfumes. One of them, wrangled by Jessica and copied to other similar blogs, claims that Byredo, the makers of Rose of No Man’s Land unisex fragrance, are giving a proportion of their profits from the product (retailing at over $A200 a bottle) to the Swedish division of Medecins sans Frontieres.

To confirm this we sent an email on 31 October to Byredo:

Hi Byredo

We read this

A portion of Rose of No Man’s Land’s global profits will be donated to the Swedish division of Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, as an appreciation for today’s medical caregivers in war-torn regions.


Can you confirm this please? What portion do you intend to donate? Is there a media release? We will publicise on our website where we have this already as advised:


David Stephens
Secretary and Editor
Honest History

And another email on 1 November to MSF Sweden:

Hi MSF Sweden

We have seen a claim eg at

that Byredo is donating to MSF Sweden a proportion of its profits from the sale of Rose of No Man’s Land unisex fragrance.

Are you able to confirm this please? Is there a media release on the subject? We will link any information you provide to our coverage of this issue at .


David Stephens
Secretary and Editor
Honest History

We will post any responses received. Any guesses as to how much of Byredo’s profits will go to MSF? Note that, while profit margins on perfume vary widely, they can be up to 80 per cent or 90 per cent.

Update 13 November 2015: We received this from MSF Sweden.

Dear David,

So sorry for my late response. Too much work for the moment.

Yes, I can confirm MSF Sweden and BYREDO have a collaboration concerning their new perfume Rose of No Man’s Land.

Best regards,
Katharina Ervanius

MSF Sweden has not responded to our question as to the proportion of Byredo profits coming to MSF. Nor has Byredo.

1 November 2015 and updated


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