Curran, James: Trump and the future of the US-Australia alliance

James Curran

Trump and the future of the US-Australia alliance‘, Daily Review, 17 December 2016

Extract from a Lowy Institute paper to be published 19 December and titled, Fighting with America. The tag line of this publication is ‘Why saying no to the US wouldn’t rupture the alliance’.

The central thesis of this paper is that in com­ing years the Australia–US alliance is less likely to be characterised by the kind of willing agreement that has marked it in the last two decades … Trump’s victory, however, will make the man­agement of the alliance much more challenging … Now more than ever is the time to recognise the limits of sentiment in sustaining Australia’s relation­ship with the United States. Trump has little time for such niceties.

For more discussion of the impacts of the Trump election on Australia, see material from the Pearls and Irritations blog, plus more. Review note by Alison Broinowski.

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