Congratulations to Honest History committee member, Dr Carolyn Holbrook, successful applicant for Australian Research Council grant

Dr Carolyn Holbrook, Alfred Deakin Research Fellow at Deakin University and a member of the Honest History committee, has been awarded an Australian Research Council Early Career Researcher Award for a study of attitudes towards federation since 1901. Congratulations to Dr Holbrook and to all other researchers awarded grants.

Here is an outline of Dr Holbrook’s project:

Australians and federation: commemoration, identity and engagement. This project aims to advance understanding of the history of Australians’ attitudes towards federation since 1901. It will use a series of commemoration case studies drawn from the 1950s and 2000s to analyse changing attitudes towards the federal compact. The project is significant in its application of historical methodology to the conception of the federation as a living, breathing structure. Expected outcomes are a greater understanding of how Australians have attached to their federation over time, contextualisation of debates about national commemorations, and insights into historical attitudes towards civic institutions and democratic governance. Benefits include a more informed debate about federation reform.

Dr Holbrook’s award is worth $343 000. She is the author of Anzac: The Unauthorised Biography. Some of her other work can be found on the Honest History site by using our Search engine.

28 November 2018