Holbrook, Carolyn: Anzac: the unauthorised biography

Holbrook, Carolyn

Anzac: the Unauthorised Biography, NewSouth, Sydney, 2014

Anzac, the Unauthorised Biography … traces how, since 1915, Australia’s memory of the Great War has declined and surged, reflecting the varied and complex history of the Australian nation itself. Most importantly, it asks why so many Australians persist with the fiction that the nation was born on 25 April 1915. (blurb)

Frank Bongiorno provides an extended review of the book. Another review from Anna Clark. Stuart Macintyre and the author spoke at the Melbourne launch of the book. Professor Macintyre’s remarks include references to the secondary schools’ history curriculum. The author published a related article. Mervyn F. Bendle reviews the book in Quadrant (paywall).

Dr Holbrook extends the themes in the book in a speech to the UNSW Summer School for Secondary History Teachers in January 2015.

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