Buckley, Ian: A Biographic View of the West

Ian Buckley

A Biographic View of the West: February 2020, ANU Emeritus Faculty, Canberra, 2020

According to the author, ‘a recent essay on the accumulating outcomes of wars and other mercantile practices over the centuries. All extremely counter-productive, they are now threatening the lives of the young and, indeed, all future generations.’

More on the author (who was born in 1925 and had a long career in medical research) including links to earlier work. Some of this material has also appeared previously on Honest History: Australia’s foreign wars; lessons of the Boer War; learning from Adam Smith.

What with vast over-production, unequal distribution, domestic cum foreign exploitations, bizarrely idiotic wars and largely paralysed economies, one does not have to be an historian to recognise the current Western world’s state of unjust disarray. So, what can be done? Superficially it makes no sense, for it appears that long ago Western leaders trapped much of humanity into a dismally unbalanced socio-economic system. Favoured by its beneficiaries, a small minority, but for the vast majority it’s been one disaster after another.

As you may surmise it did not have to be that way. However, looking back step by step, once recognised, its faulty features can be remedied. And by following this course one can look forward to a freshly constituted workable economic system which provides sustainable justice for all.

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  1. Leighton View says:

    A very good overview … which poses very good questions which impact on humanity’s future.

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