Bongiorno, Frank, et al, ed.: Labour and the Great War

Bongiorno, Frank, Rae Frances & Bruce Scates, ed.,

Labour and the Great War: The Australian Working Class and the Making of Anzac, Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Special edition, Labour History, 106, May 2014

Examines the awkward relationship between Labour and Anzac from a number of perspectives and takes the story from the outbreak of war, when Labor’s Andrew Fisher was under pressure to show that his party was ‘sound’ on war and helping the Empire, through to the troubled 1920s and the tribulations of soldier settlers.

There is a preface from American war and memory scholar, Jay Winter, an introduction from the editors and ten articles from contributors. Abstracts are at the link above and Frank Bongiorno addressed some of the issues in an Honest History lecture at Manning Clark House in Canberra.

Ernst Willheim reviews the book for Honest History.

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