‘Anzackery’ definition included in the new edition of the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary

9780190311315‘Anzackery’ is one of the new words included in the sixth and latest edition of the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary, edited by Mark Gwynn and Amanda Laugesen, and to be published on 26 October. As in the Australian National Dictionary last year, ‘Anzackery’ is defined as ‘The promotion of the Anzac legend in ways that are perceived to be excessive or misguided’. (The same team at the Australian National University is responsible for both publications.)

Fairfax story about the new words, including ‘Anzackery’. Huffington Post. Laugesen interviewed on 3AW.

Honest History was instrumental in reviving the word ‘Anzackery’ (first coined by Geoffrey Serle in 1967) and it features in The Honest History Book, particularly in David Stephens’ chapter 9, titled ‘Anzac and Anzackery: Useful future or sentimental dream?’

Honest History FINAL frontHonest History believes [says Stephens and co-editor Alison Broinowski] the best way of coming to terms with Anzac – and of countering its extreme version, Anzackery – is to display the richness of our broad national tapestry, of which khaki is but one strand … Myths build Anzac into Anzackery, overshadowing the many other parts of our history that deserve examination and, sometimes, celebration.

17 October 2017


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