Anonymous (Frank Morton?): new use for Central Australia? (highlights reel)

Anonymous (Frank Morton?)

A new use for Central Australia: it’s “potentialities” as a scrapping ground‘, The Triad, 10 March 1917

This semi-humorous piece, apparently just the single page, suggests that Central Australia would provide a more spacious, less cluttered battleground than Europe, also offering a better climate. (A better climate allows slaughter to continue through the winter months.) The empty heart of Australia could be proclaimed as a ‘perpetually endowed war area’. The article canvasses some infrastructure, supply and community safety aspects of the suggestion.

Frank Morton is given as the likely author as he was the mainstay of The Triad (originally published in New Zealand and later in Sydney) and is likely to have written most of it. Thanks to Humphrey McQueen for firing this squib in our direction. Read more …

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