101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide: Honest History miscellany

‘101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide: another April date that today’s Australians overlook’, Honest History, 6 April 2016 updated

Update 23 April 2019: a new book by Israeli historians, Benny Morris and Dror Ze’evi, The Thirty-Year Genocide, is reviewed by Bruce Clark.

Update 16 May 2017: an argument about an SBS broadcast relevant to the Genocide.

Update 10 March 2017: a television documentary about humanitarian relief during and after the Genocide.

Update 5 November 2016: new material is in this book about killings at Izmit; a movie about the Genocide.


The beginning of the Armenian Genocide is commemorated on 24 April. This year’s commemoration coincides with the publication of a book, Armenia, Australia and the Great War, by Vicken Babkenian of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Professor Peter Stanley of UNSW Canberra. (Professor Stanley is Honest History’s president.) Honest History will have a review of the book soon.

Vicken Babkenian spoke at length to Trevor Chappell on the ABC. He also recently published a piece in the United States about an Australasian orphanage set up in Lebanon in 1920s to assist in the relief of refugees in the region. This initiative was an example of Australian efforts in the Middle East at the time, as was the work of Edith Glanville with the Yazidis in 1929.

Previously on Honest History on the Genocide from a number of angles: resources from 2015; Judith Crispin’s photography; other references under ‘Armenian’ via our search engine.

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