Crispin, Judith: In Noah’s country (post-genocide Armenia)

Crispin, Judith

In Noah’s Country: a Roadtrip through Post-Genocide Armenia, T & G Publishing, Sydney, 2015

Australian history has been bound up with that of Armenia and the Armenians since 24 April 1915, which saw the beginning of the archetypal genocide, the one that Raphael Lemkin had in mind when he coined the term. This book is published ‘to commemorate the 1915 Genocide against Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks by the Ottoman Empire’. There is photography and a preface by Judith Crispin, with essays by Vicken Babkenian, Armen Gakavian, Dickran Kouymjian and Hamlet Petrosyan. There are more than 60 photographs included.

There is a collection of resources on the Genocide here.


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