Glanville, Edith: An Australian visits the Yazidis of Iraq 1929

Glanville, Edith

Devil worshippers: a Kurdistan cult‘, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 June 1929

A detailed description of a visit to the Yazidis, believed to be the first such visit by an Australian woman. Gives an insight into both customs and country. The Yazidi headman

said the English were his friends, because they had stopped the persecution of his people, so he was pleased to entertain us … We found these curious people very hospitable, and apparently peaceful and industrious,and as they certainly are amongst the most picturesque figures in this land of ancient faiths and forgotten beginnings, they are worthy of study, and their whole belief is a veritable museum of legend and faith. They are a very mysterious sect, and on account of being worshippers of Satan are feared and hated by both Moslems and Christians.

Edith Glanville was an Australian feminist and supporter of Armenian relief in the years immediately after World War I. Her son was killed at Gallipoli. Further information about Edith Glanville. Another article about Australian and Yazidis, with reference to 2014.

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