Wellings, Ben & Shanti Sumartojo, ed.: Nation, memory and Great War commemoration

Sumartojo, Shanti & Ben Wellings, ed.

Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration: Mobilizing the Past in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Peter Lang, Oxford, 2014

Sixteen contributors discuss aspects of how Great War commemoration has developed in a range of countries, in response to the changing priorities of contemporary nationalism. Sections cover:

  • war and memory in a ‘post-national’ era;
  • commemoration and the politics of national belonging;
  • mobilizing the Great War; and
  • locations of commemoration.

See our full review by Richard Thwaites. The volume follows a symposium Politics of the Past held at the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies in 2012. Note also contributors’ articles in The Conversation (with lots of comments) by Sumartojo and WellingsGraves, Van Ypersele and Rechniewski plus a video discussion chaired by Wellings on the politics of Great War commemoration.

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