Two angles on Australia-US relations: leader comparisons and official visits

Canberra author Stephen Holt, writing in the Canberra Times, has found some interesting comparisons between President Trump and former New South Wales premier (1925-27, 1930-32), Jack Lang. Among Holt’s forensic work there is this:

At his height Lang’s style was pure Trumpianism. He too was a snarling orator whipping up his audiences at stage managed rallies. There was the same fondness for snappy chants and slogans (“Lang is Right”). His more gullible supporters lived on a diet of fake news and conspiracy theories.

Lang was removed by the Crown-appointed Governor; no such possibility in the United States, however.

Holt’s piece was provoked by the imminent visit of Prime Minister Morrison to Washington to meet with Trump. Some aspects of earlier prime ministerial visits are covered in this piece. There are also some references to Trump elsewhere on the Honest History site; use our Search engine.

Update 20 September 2019

From our E-newsletter No. 60, posted yesterday:

Oh, to be in Washington in the Fall …

At a time (this week) when yet another Australian Prime Minister traipses off to Washington HQ we thought it might be useful to point to an earlier piece of ours on such journeys. Read the piece in full to find answers to these questions:

  • Which Australian PM promised to be ‘all the way with LBJ’?
  • To which US President did an Australian PM say ‘we will go Waltzing Matilda with you’?
  • Which Australian PM said of the US, ‘I believe you can do anything still’?
  • Which Australian PM said, ‘we of Australia are proud to call ourselves your junior partner’?
  • Who out of John Howard and Bob Hawke said, ‘America has no better friend in the world than Australia’?

The post includes links to videos of some of the speeches.

From comments on the E-newsletter

Who could forget also Malcolm Turnbull and ‘joined at the hip’?

And, completing the circle, our Prime Minister on arrival in Washington:

Here we are, the land of the free, the home of the brave … [H]onour and celebrate 100 years of mateship … There are many larger, I suppose, more powerful friends that America has, but they know they do not have a more sure and steadfast friend than Australia.

Oh, say can you see  … ?

PM’s media statement before departure.

US list of PMs’ visits to Washington since 1918.

Thoughtful piece from ABC’s Andrew Probyn.

David Stephens

17 September 2019 updated

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