TV3NZ News: Australia’s Anzac obsession

TV3NZ News

Australia’s Anzac obsession‘, The Nation, 18 April 2015

Anzackery gets introduced to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand by producer-presenter Tony Wright with interviews with Peter Stanley and David Stephens from Honest History. There is to be a longer presentation on Anzac Day.

The segment (eight minutes) looks at how Australians have glossed over the ‘NZ’ in Anzac, how we often forget that others beside us (and Turks) were even there at Gallipoli, how the term ‘Anzackery’ has been adopted to describe current events and what the term means, the commercial use of Anzac to make lots of money, Anzac and national identity, the expenditure on Anzac commemoration, the indoctrination of children, and the way current Anzackery stops us confronting difficult issues about war. There is some material also about the apparent attempt to draw an explicit Anzac link to the current Iraq venture by both countries.

(Note that the Anzac porn t-shirt featured in the segment has now been withdrawn from sale following intervention by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.)

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2 comments on “TV3NZ News: Australia’s Anzac obsession
  1. admin says:

    Thanks Mike. Love ‘glampers’. DS

  2. Mike Puleston says:

    Thank you for exposing the rampant Anzackery that is diverting the nation’s attention from the true nature of war. Here is a letter I had published in the Melbourne Age today (18/4/2015:

    How to make it real

    Have you heard of anything sillier than “Camp Gallipoli”, whereby people will pay serious money for glamping under the stars at the MCG in order to have an “authentic Gallipoli experience”?

    Here’s how to make it really authentic: dig latrine trenches well in advance, fill them with sewage, then leave them to fester and attract blowflies that will crawl all over the glampers’ rancid bully-beef dinners; drop bloated animal carcasses all around the site, so that participants are surrounded by the authentic stench of death; simulate shellfire during the night so that glampers get hardly any sleep; and have enemy raiding parties sneak in and bayonet some of the glampers. What fun.

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