Terrorism reprise in the wake of Belgian attacks and Lindt inquest: resources from the Honest History vault

We thought it would be useful today to bring out of the vault a collection we put together about a year ago on background to the then new anti-terrorism laws. It hangs off a review by Jeff Sparrow of a book on Australia’s anti-terrorism regime. We added a collection of resources, mostly from late 2014, focusing on the then latest tranche of laws, but including a link to a 2007 paper from Mark Rix on whether individuals need protection from the state, some thoughtful articles on how governments use fear for political advantage and now a link to an American guide (from an ammunition supplier) about how to deal with a terrorist attack. Perhaps the best medicine in all of this is the one prescribed by Lance Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army years ago.

More recent: eminently sensible Simon Jenkins in The Guardian.

23 March 2016 and updated



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