Tavan, Gwenda: Bipartisanship on immigration but racism, suspicion, division

Tavan, Gwenda

Ideas for Australia: bipartisanship on immigration does little to counter racism, suspicion and division‘, The Conversation, 20 April 2016

Immigration seems unlikely to be a big issue at the impending election, a matter which the author deprecates.

[T]he time is right [Tavan says] for our political leaders to re-open a conversation about immigration with the Australian people as a whole. This must go beyond questions of border security and narrow economic concerns to encompass questions of immigration’s broad functions, its social impact, and the national interests it serves.

The article is one of a number of policy-relevant pieces being put up by The Conversation in the lead-up to an election which this organ seems to have anticipated. A similar collection published last year is edited by John Menadue and Michael Keating.

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