Stephens, David: ‘There will be blood’: ministers and the military responsibility of children

David Stephens

“There will be blood”: ministerial remarks on the responsibility of children‘, Pearls and Irritations, 22 August 2015

Traces the fascination of authority figures with the concept of blood sacrifice. The blood sacrifice of children was evident in ancient Israel. Blood sacrifice has been a cultural binding agent in other cultures down the centuries and has been a strong theme in the Anzac legend in Australia.

The future need for blood sacrifice by children emerges clearly from the speeches of Minister for the Centenary of Anzac, Senator Michael Ronaldson. The Minister’s argument can be summarised as follows:

Children must understand the concept of blood sacrifice.

They must carry the torch of remembrance of this sacrifice.

They must be prepared to defend our freedoms, as was done by those who are being remembered.

Thus will be ensured the necessary blood sacrifice by future generations.

This will be an appropriate reward for the current generation’s advocacy of blood sacrifice.

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Giovanni_Battista_Pittoni_-_Sacrifice_of_Isaac_-_WGA17977Giovanni Battista Pittoni, Sacrifice of Isaac, c. 1720 (Wikimedia Commons)

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