Stephens, David: ANZAC Day Anzackery

Stephens, David

ANZAC Day Anzackery‘, Independent Australia, 25 April 2014

Anzackery today is a form of patriotic mysticism trotted out by prime ministers and old military buffers. But why is it so popular? Well, it’s partly because it simplifies complex emotions and suffocates them in a layer of nostalgia. That is one obvious element we can all see. But then it’s also because it is an apolitical instrument, usable by either side. Rather than let us on Anzac Day quietly contemplate war and its effects, Anzackery drops loud and heavy hints as to how we should feel…

Sentimentality does not capture the full story of what war does to the people who serve and to their families. Overemphasising military adventures distorts our history. Anzackery is noisy double-speak promoting the agendas of those who peddle it. It pollutes Anzac Day.

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