Stanley, Peter, et al: AnzacLive Blog for Lone Pine centenary

Stanley, Peter, et al

Speak across the century with the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli’s Battle of Lone Pine‘,, 6 August 2015

This blog is over but worth a read. Honest History’s president Peter Stanley, who participated as the resident expert, found it rewarding and was impressed by the quality of the public comments posted. The format was to have a number of figures involved at Lone Pine 100 years ago represented by bloggers, using the actual words from diaries and other contemporary material to respond to posters from the public.

As Australia remembers the most famous battle of the Gallipoli campaign today, join us to talk to the soldiers who were there — direct from the trenches. In an incredible experience, soldiers Hector Brewer, Archie Barwick and Bert Reynolds are blogging live across the century from Lone Pine, along with their AnzacLive comrades: legendary leader John Monash, nurse Alice Ross-King and battlefield medic Arthur James Adams.

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