Nevius, James: ignoring half the history of a country

Nevius, James

To teach only “American exceptionalism” is to ignore half the country’s story‘, Guardian Australia, 3 August 2015

Ostensibly an American story but relevant to every country, including Australia, where it is a theme Honest History has returned to frequently in our analysis of the Australian War Memorial’s approach to our history and of history curriculum issues.

‘We are right to celebrate the strengths [of our history, says Nevius], but if we don’t shine a light on the weaknesses, we are ignoring at least half the story’. Over 400 comments were received, mostly from Americans.

For Australian analogies, see here and here, regarding the Australian War Memorial, and here, regarding the curriculum. Also use our Search function or scroll through our items tagged ‘Teaching history‘ and ‘Using and abusing history‘.


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